Below are several projects I am working on. Fortunately I have great friends who I get to interact with, and wonderful causes I can support with my art. 

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@artem.pati.lux. Latin for art/suffering/light.

A movement of artists who will use the power of

art to tell stories of overcoming, enduring, and nobility.

An online gallery representing artists selling original art and high-end, limited edition art prints.

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I created this Suffering Memorial to invite the greatest artists & musicians from all over the world to tell stories of hope and overcoming. I am currently at the beginning stages of gathering the artists and raising the money and support to build this international museum representing the suffering and overcoming of every country in the world. 


@sufferingmemorial    |


I’m creating a video, the music, and a painting that tells the story of Metta World Peace’s overcoming. The story, art, music, and video will be used to promote and bring awareness to various partner causes.


Working on an album of composers, musicians, and  vocalists who will compose music that honors those who have suffered. To use their skills, and their influence to tell stories of overcoming, and to support the mission of the Suffering Memorial and its charitable partners. 


Always looking for opportunities to use my art and creativity to promote good in this world. Just started working on this new fashion line in collaboration with designer Calista Collier featuring my art and the theme of Always Love / Always Evolve. Recently shown at Park City Fashion Week, January 2020