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• The highest-level art & NFTs designed and created to bring awareness and meaning to your company’s mission.


• A myriad of payment options, including credit cards, wires, ACH, direct deposits, and popular cryptocurrencies. 


• No need for an external wallet and no “gas” fees applied to  make a purchase.

With over 10 years of blockchain and crypto experience we are invested, well-positioned, and at the cutting edge of the NFT market. We work with some of the biggest global companies in the world using groundbreaking initiatives within the world of enterprise business taking a long-term approach, and not the short-term thinking so many are taking.


We can help you strategically map projects that create long term value for both your brand and your community, setting you up to be at the forefront of the NFT revolution. Let us work with your team and educate you on the NFT, crypto, and metaverse landscape and explore how it can come to life for you.


We provide a complete NFT and crypto experience for your customers and fanbase. A one-of-a kind buying experience as well as a safe & secure place for donors and fans to purchase NFTs and access exclusive collectibles that support your mission; furthering the adoption and ease-of-use of crypto.

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• A custom page on the Simba Market NFT portal.


• A free wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. 


• Fans can bid, buy, checkout and resell their NFTs easily. 


• No knowledge of crypto or crypto holdings is required.  

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