When you subscribe, I will send you a new limited-edition print, t-shirt, and poster. All signed by me.



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The value of a similar print and edition number sold separately is $300.00

Limited edition print of 98.

16" x 20", 40.6 x 50.8 cm paper size. Image slightly smaller to allow for white border. Printed on archival, 300 GSM, 100% cotton rag archival paper. Signed & numbered.

Poster is same size as the print.

Frame not included, though I can provide framing upon request.

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Gold David Tee with artist signature

Limited-edition print of 98. Printed on archival, 300 GSM, 100% cotton rag paper. Signed & numbered.

Certificate of Authenticity

Frame not included in box.

Poster with artist signature

Why is this valuable?

For any of this to be valuable, the print, T-shirt, and poster need to be collectible. Collectible meaning that their value will go up over time.


What makes these items collectible?

The artist, the item, and the signature. 


THE ARTIST. A particular artist can become collectible over time. You want to collect art from an artist whose art is mature, has a unique voice they have refined over time, and you want that artist to be someone who dedicated their life to their art. 


THE PRINT. First it needs to be a limited-edition print, signed by the artist. And the lower the edition number, the more value it has.  A lower edition number would be 100 or lower, and a high edition number would be 500 to 1,000. If a particular print edition has hand-embellishment on each print, the value goes up as well.


THE PAPER & INK. The right paper needs to be 100% cotton, archival quality, acid-free, 280 GSM or higher. GSM means grams per square meter, which is a number related to the thickness of the paper. You typically do not want a print to be printed on a cheap, thin paper. The ink also need to be archival quality ink.


THE T-SHIRT & POSTER. Most t-shirts and posters are not collectible. The 2 qualities that make my T-shirt and poster collectible are the fact that I designed them, and the more important fact that they both include my signature. 


THE SIGNATURE. Generally speaking, an artist signature on anything from an original painting to a t-shirt gives the item value. If a painting has no signature, or the signature if forged, it looses all of its value. And something as simple as a poster has no collectibe value generally speaking unless it has the artists signature as well.


CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. COA. This certifies that the piece of art actually came from the artist. It has the name of the piece and some details like size, date created, etc.


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I ship all my prints flat and not rolled up which is the preferred way to treat them. They are shipped in a wood box for extra protection, and there are insured as well.


Shipping is included in the monthly subscription price within the USA. International shipping will cost a little extra and take a little more time to arrive. All of these details will be communicated to you as we figure out each shipment.


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