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In my book HEAL, I use my art and stories to describe my journey through the horrors of extreme childhood abuse and the painful yet magical healing process.


I explain the realities of childhood trauma, its physical & mental effects, the suppression of memories, and how they resurface. Finally, I get into the complex struggle of recovery while bringing hope to those suffering by telling 22 traumatic stories, ranging from shockingly awful to emotionally abusive, and how I released the stored trauma to heal.

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I speak about pushing through your fears, facing your own personal dragons, and conquering the fate that life throws at you. All levels of trauma can be turned into your own personal power. Fight for a cause, and give your life more purpose on the heels of and during your healing.

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One night only • 6pm-10pm

116 S. Rio Grande Street • Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(801) 230-0820 •

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We are waging a battle against an enemy who wants our children!

Edition prints available from my book HEAL

Coming soon...

"What a mistake life would be without music."

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