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HEAL is a 138-page book with 59 of my original paintings, illustrations, and sketches included, many of which I have as art prints available for purchase. 

“This painting symbolizes that traumatic abuse to a child can be suppressed and decades later resurface, with all of the horror attached, in your adult years. During the early abuse and the reliving of it, I wanted a safe, protective place to go to; the warm embrace of a mother or female love. The female figure protects the smaller adult, representing the adult and the child as one. The sword represents his power to eventually heal, the crow represents death and transformation, and the dark foot and light on her hair represent the battle and balance between good and evil. The blue represents the blood spilled in this battle. As a child, I witnessed plenty of blood spilled by the innocent ones, and I would see their blood as blue or innocent blood separate from the red blood that coursed through the veins of the abusers.”

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