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CALM - 60 x 96 in, 152 x 244 cm, oil on canvas

Often abuse and the following trauma, as symbolized here by the raging bull chasing the crow of transformation, can be dealt with by adopting a calm, assuring demeanor. The figure in the upper left is the abuser enduring their own torment with no relief and hope of healing.


HEAL - 60 x 60 in, 152 x 152 cm, oil on canvas

The cover of my book HEAL tells of one of the realities children experience, which is the one thing they desire most. Safety and protection. When trauma resurfaces as an adult, the exact same feelings are lived over again in all their horrific glory. The adult (child) is in a fetal position, enveloped by the mother figure with her sword of protection. The crow represents death and transformation. The blue blood spilled is symbolic of the blood of the innocent as I remember differentiating their blood from the red blood of the abusers.


HEAL III - 54 x 54 in, 137 x 137 cm, oil on canvas


HEAL III - 54 x 54 in, 137 x 137 cm, oil on canvas


MOTHER - 36 x 36 in, 91x91 cm, oil on wood panel

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VISION - 32 x 36 in, 81x91 cm, oil on wood panel

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