A plea to look at the pain of separation, the unwelcome suffering that often hits us, wounds us, and suffocates our progress. The music moves with a pulsating digital untertone beneath a traditional simple piano pattern, evolving into an energetic cry to own the experience realizing that... “you’re not gonna die”; ending in a beautiful resolve. 


The video features dancer Allison Debona from Ballet West who symbolically runs, retreats, and hides from the pain of separation. 

Then she deals with the pain that won’t just go away and as the music crescendos, this experience is faced head-on realizing that 

“running from the suffering” is not the answer. The video ends in a symbolic gesture using a sphere covered with black paint representing the experience. She is now understanding that this trial is now part of her, and that a piece of it will always stick to her, broadening her character, and making her that much stronger. A beautiful pattern in life.

Announcing the release of my new creative adventure in music, video, fine art.

Allison DeBona, Ballet West, First Soloist


Allison was a featured cast member on seasons 1 & 2 of the CW Docu-series Breaking Pointe. She has been featured in issues of Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Dance Track Magazine, and Dance Teacher Magazine. She was also the model for the Fall/Winter 2013 and August 2015 Grishko Pointe shoe ad featured in Pointe Magazine. In August 2016 was featured in an eight page editorial for Vogue Italia. She is the Owner and Artistic Director of the artÉmotion Summer Intensive and produced the ‘I Am Your Friend’ Benefit Dance Performance alongside Rex Tilton, June 2015 in SLC to benefit the non-profit organization Fahodie for Friends.

All music composed, arranged, produced, played, sang, recorded by Jimmi Toro. Mixed by Rowan Stigner. Mastering by Old Colony Mastering in Boston. Video concepted, shot, edited, and produced by JimmiToro, featuring Allison Debona.       Tel: 770-778-2725

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